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miha bodytec is the leading manufacturer of Electro Muscular Stimulation (EMS) training equipment.

EMS is growing in the UK as a toning, strengthening and fitness tool. In just 20-minutes once per week, the full body workout improves muscular definition and weight loss, strength and power output and cardiovascular efficiency. Combining a ‘free will contraction’ through an exercise, and an external stimulus from an EMS device, individuals activate more muscle fibres than they would engage in a regular workout.

Such is the nature of EMS, that it can be tailored to a variety of clients, including;

  • Busy professionals with limited time looking to see fast results 

  • People who dislike the traditional gym environment who want a bespoke, sweat-free and personal workout experience

  • Active individuals looking to be fitter, stronger and faster

  • Athletes, looking for that extra 5% to improve their peak performance

  • An older client looking to stay active, reduce sarcopenia and improve strength

  • Rehabilitation for those suffering with injuries, particularly lower back pain  

  • New mums wanting to improve abdominal and pelvic floor muscles 

This range provides great opportunity for fitness professionals to unlock new clients, revitalise existing ones and increase revenue through a more time-efficient schedule.

For more information, visit https://www.miha-bodytec.com/en/ or to book a free trial, visit www.be-a-first-mover.comm