The NHS Long Term Plan
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The NHS Long Term Plan

The NHS Long Term Plan & Your Business

This bespoke workshop will arm delegates with knowledge of relevant NHS drivers to enable them to approach, present and discuss a business case. Such business cases will outline how a project reaches and delivers on the unmet needs of a community and contributes to the specific targets.

The day will include;

  • An overview of national policies that drive the strategy for the NHS and also lead to adaptation into local policies.

  • NHS Funding and types of commissioning, eg Block contracts for Mental Health , and the sustainability and transformational fund.

  • A planning session designed to help participants understand key contents for presentations to be made to health colleagues.

In terms of detail the workshop will include insights into the’ 5 year forward view’, the long term plan, parity of esteem and the mental health ‘Five-Year Forward View’.

The day will culminate in the formation of a dedicated plan to take back to your business and delegates will be provided with a memory stick summarising the information required for future projects and initiatives.

Our Presenter - Anne Cairns - Health Economy Manager, Janssen Pharmaceuticals.

Anne’s role is  to engage with NHS policy makers and decision makers in order to facilitate optimal and accelerated market access for Janssen Pharmaceuticals.

She is responsible for  developing local market access strategies from an early stage in a product’s lifecycle, ensuring that she has the right clinical evidence that it is communicated to the right people.

During this workshop Anne will help delegates to understand the local health landscape and to make use of the NHS 5 Year Plan. She will also explain how managers from the health and fitness sector can reach NHS decision-makers in order to work in partnership to combat the ill-health (physical and mental) attributed to inactivity and poor lifestyle choices.



£250.00 for LFX members - £300.00 for non-members. Prices include refreshments and lunch.

To book places on this fantastic programme please contact Lynne Briggs, Academy Director here:

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Intelligent Leadership
to Oct 3

Intelligent Leadership

As part of our academy series we have developed a bespoke two-day programme for aspiring leaders.

In this rapidly evolving world, how do we ensure our people and teams are both satisfied and appropriately challenged, when the ‘grass is greener’ elsewhere and people expect continual development, growth and opportunity?


Unfortunately, there is no one simple answer since we humans are complex creatures! Therefore, to be successful, we must first understand our own behaviours and then the behaviours of those around us.

This is why, in this two-day workshop we will explore what people might actually seek, from a leader. Once we have determined this you will create your own roadmap toward success, where you identify behaviours and patterns that inspire, while being are supportive yet challenging.

By the end of these interactive workshops you will have been appropriately challenged to determine your strengths, weaknesses and defined how to maintain or improve their existing leadership skills.

The following topics will be explored:

Day One - Understanding Leadership

1.What is leadership – What inspires us?

2 How great leaders, lead – Defining your values

3 Building a culture through storytelling - Know your audience

4 Being a role model - Understand your performance/ behaviour mirroring

5 Define your material - Outcomes and expectations

Day Two - Determining and Creating Success

‘Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth’

Whilst this famous Mike Tyson quote may be true, does this mean that we should never plan, as things are going to change anyway? Maybe? Perhaps not.

Without a framework to work to, a destination to head towards and a road map to get there we are likely to quickly get lost.

This workshop will help you learn how to develop your own frameworks, outcomes, strategies and tactics so whether you get punched in the mouth or not, you will be able to keep moving forward, in the right direction, passing milestones and measuring your progress....

Topics explored

1. Why we use a framework

2. Thought processes and mindset

3. Defining outcomes and milestones

4. Creating strategies

5. Using tactics, process goals and timescales

6. Repeatable behaviours

Please come, prepared to leave your comfort zone, as this is where your personal growth will occur…

Your Trainer - Chris Rock - Excelsior


I have been fortunate enough to have learnt from great leaders, to have worked with world class colleagues and have acquired knowledge all over the world.

From these experiences I have developed an unwavering approach to ethically nurture, develop and lead believing that to be effective I must first consistently improve myself.

Through greater humility, gaining comprehension and growing healthy relationships I aspire to make each and everyday both constructive and productive.

From seeking to learn, determining outcomes, creating strategy and executing on promises my teams have repeatedly been successful.


Earlybird Booking before 20th August - £500.00 for LFX members - £650.00 for non-members. Prices include refreshments and lunch.

To book places on this fantastic programme please contact Lynne Briggs, Academy Director here:

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