What is LFX?

LFX is a business network for professionals who are ambitious and have an interest in learning and maintaining a level of personal fitness and wellbeing. Our events are attended by people from all over the UK and run in ‘Seasons’, which begin in September and end in June of the following year. 

Why join LFX? Because you know you should network with like-minded professionals on a regular basis.

How do LFX events work?

Our main events usually consist of a management 'stream' and a separate fitness 'stream'. At each one we have unique themes for each stream and we invite guest speakers/experts to help provide thought-provoking content and stimulate debate.

LFX Business Club sessions are shorter and focus on current and relevant management topics. The agenda for each business club gathering is shaped by LFX members.

 You can view all of our forthcoming sessions by clicking on 'Events' at the top of the page and feel free to contact us for further information.